I always aim to go over the top and do something no one else would think of when I come up with ideas and that’s exactly what I did with my liquid photography.

I wanted my first image to have movement involving the liquid and I came up with the idea where a wave would fly out of a still cup. Knowing exactly how to photoshop it, I knew I could accomplish it. I got my friends to flick the cup over 20 times while I was taking pictures with a fast shutter speed to capture the wave in focus. After that, I just merged both images together to showcase the wave coming out of the cup. We made a mess in the classroom but it was worth it.
My second liquid image was done individually, where I simply filled a glass with the liquid and added a few ice cubes, and poured it directly onto the soda can. I wanted the ice cubes to be mid-air, as the liquid explodes upon impact on top of the can. I achieved my goal perfectly.