I teamed up with a Nicki Minaj twitter account over the summer of 2018, who had tweeted for a graphic designer to create an illustration for the launch of Nicki's new album "Queen”. I sketched up a quick idea and I got the go-ahead. Nicki is featured staring straight ahead. She is covered in jewelry and wearing an exquisite head-piece, up in the sky with a tree log and an incredible sunset, similar to the album cover.

I also created a motion graphic video, featuring my illustration coming to life. It’s a short 30-second advertisement for the album. I wanted to have as much of the album’s visual aesthetic in my animation. So I created a custom word mark, using aspects of the font used for the word “Queen”, to feature the words at the end letting the viewer know the album is “out now”.
Sketches of Nicki Minaj Illustration Rough drafts of sunset sky Final sunset sky design Final sunset sky with final log design Final sunset sky with final log design Illustration of Nicki Minaj